Land Clearing

Operating within 600 miles of our Rochester, NY headquarters, the Land Clearing Division has expanded from clearing for retail and residential developments to large utility projects.  Throughout our work on new wind and solar farms, as well as clearing Rights of Way for major new transmission lines, our knowledge of NYS Public Service Law Articles VII and X ensures the protection of the public and the environment.  Our large inventory of swamp mats is often utilized to protect the soil from compaction throughout the entire construction project.

Terry Tree Service continues to stay up to date with the latest tools and construction equipment, with over 1,000 pieces at present, including Tigercat feller-bunchers, track chippers and whole tree chippers, Vermeer horizontal grinders, skidders, excavators with flail mower heads and log trucks.  Our expert mechanics keep this equipment in top-notch shape, which helps to maintain efficiency.  Our record of on-time performance and outstanding safety history have contributed to Terry Tree Service’s growth.