Terry Tree Service, LLC is headquartered in Rochester New York.

2020 Our 25th Anniversary



Terry Tree Service, LLC offers a wide range of tree services. We clear land for solar farms and wind farms as well as remove danger trees for the New York State Department of Transportation. Our company remains a leader in maintenance and removal of trees in residential areas and trees on historical properties throughout New York State.

Our ISA Certified Arborist Sales Representatives can evaluate trees for overall health and safety and make recommendations for pruning and/or removal.  To request a free estimate, click here: request an estimate.

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We maintain a fleet of modern tree removal equipment including aerial lift trucks which enable us to complete many types of tree jobs efficiently and safely.  Our climbers are available for those hard-to-access trees, and we utilize all-terrain vehicles to move material to our self-loading debris trucks which helps our crew members save time and energy.